February 7, 2017

Onur & Sherezade: A Sibling's #LoveStory!

Loyal sister, Sherezade, waiting for Onur.
Couple of days ago, we helped save Onur, a beautiful dog, that was ran over by a motocar. Our Vet Assistant, Junior, rescued Onur and immediately brought him to our clinic. Onur's sister, adorable dog Sherezade, was taking care of him and she would not leave him alone for one minute.
When Junior arrived to rescue Onur, Sherezade saw how Junior put him inside our motorcar, but as she wasn’t sure that we were going to help him, she came running behind the motorcar to the clinic, just to make sure we would take care of him.
Dr. Gustavo treating Onur.

As soon as Junior arrived with Onur in our clinic, our veterinarian, Dr. Gustavo, treated the multiple wounds, and noticed how weak Onur was. Sherezade came into the clinic and stayed with Onur until he was treated and well.
Both Onur and Sherezade left the clinic together-- the same way as they arrived. Onur is doing well and will be 100% better, thanks to our dedicated team, our special care and to his inseparable sister, Sherezade!
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