January 4, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: First #Adoption Fair of 2017!

Chicho, a rescue dog that will make a great companion!
As more of the community in Iquitos, Peru learns about Amazon CARES, the more adoptions of rescued dogs and cats walk out our doors and into their forever homes! We've had such success with our recent community outreach events, that we are planning our first Adoption Fair of the new year on January 29th! Woohoo!

Handfuls of fuzzy kitties waiting for homes! 

These events allow us to showcase all of the wonderful companion animals that were rescued from the streets and from horrible, sad situations. It's also the perfect opportunity for us to speak to the public about current animal welfare concerns in Iquitos. You know you can expect to see a bunch of adorable adoption pictures on our blog after the event!

Wish you could adopt a jungle dog or cat? YOU CAN! You can "virtually" adopt any one of our super awesome, deserving animals in search of forever homes with a monthly recurring donation to provide food, shelter, veterinary care, and lots of love to your animal. You can even adopt one as a gift or tribute in honor of a loved one.  Sign up here!

Amazon CARES promotes the amazing strength of the human-animal bond!

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  1. Hope this goes really well! Congrats for all you do! ������������


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