January 7, 2017

Thanks to you, we will save DOUBLE the homeless animals, and GUESS WHAT...?

Happy New Year, everyone! This is Manuela Rodrigues — President and Executive Director of Amazon CARES in Peru and USA — with a message of thanks and a full update on our December fundraiser.

***Very exciting news:
We’ve surpassed our initial goal of $2,500! As you know, this amount will be matched, which means you’ve played a huge part in raising $5,000 to rescue, treat, shelter, and find homes for neglected animals. I’m extremely grateful to each of you for helping Amazon CARES reach its initial December goal. THANK YOU!

***Even better news:
I just received word all donations will be matched in January! How amazing would it be to kick off 2017 by reaching this new and exciting goal?

Please consider making another gift (of any size) if you can, and MOST importantly, share this campaign with your friends and family. If we can raise another $2,500 by January 31st, that amount will be doubled, increasing the total amount raised in December and January to $10,000 for homeless animals!

Most importantly, without your support, Amazon CARES would not be able to function in any capacity. We rely on your donations for our very existence. Our small team is determined and resourceful, but these qualities will only take us so far when homeless, needy animals are in abundance and money is scarce.
Every day we open our doors to sick and suffering animals, abandoned litters of kittens and puppies, and countless pregnant dogs and cats. Regardless of our funds, resources, or capacity, we never turn them away.

Amazon CARES has helped thousands of neglected creatures in the Amazon River Basin over the years. Will you help us continue to fight for their right to live happy and healthy lives? I know that, in this regard, your dream is the same as mine.
Once again, please consider making another gift toward our compassionate cause…and be sure to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our matching campaign far and wide in January!"

Make your donation HERE!! 

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