January 22, 2017

National Walk Your Pet Month

January is National Walk Your Pet month- getting outside frequently is great for both you and your pups (and leash savvy cats too)! Obviously you're getting in some fabulous exercise when you go, but also this is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your pet and work on training one-on-one.

In Iquitos, Peru, many homeless and owned dogs and cats wander the streets day and night. This poses a huge risk for these animals to get injured, or acquire disease from wildlife and other stray animals. We unfortunately see this ALL the time- animals come in to our veterinary clinic on a daily basis after being hit by cars and motorcycles, with serious illnesses such as Distemper Virus and tick-borne disease, and sickness from parasite infestations. Amazon CARES as an organization advocates for animal welfare in the Iquitos area. We educate the community on responsible pet ownership, animal rescue, and adoption.

By spreading awareness, more and more people are caring about animals in this community, and adopting animals to share daily walks with! We hope to continue helping for many years to come.

Help animals in remote parts of the world that need us-- Make a donation of any amount for our Matching Challenge!
ALL donations are being matched until January 31!!

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