October 30, 2016

A look Inside Amazon CARES

3 years old dog, Pinky, swimming in the Amazon River!
Take a look at these AMAZING photos taken by Ricardo Edú Alemán Sánchez, highlighting the veterinary clinic and animal rescue work we do in Iquitos, Peru! We are an independent, small non-profit organization located near the Amazon Rainforest. Our work is important to the community- we work to perpetuate change in areas that have virtually no access to affordable veterinary care and animal rescue organizations by providing these services. Every donation made to us goes directly toward helps us provide veterinary care to animals that really need it, and toward rescuing and re-homing animals that deserve a second chance. 

Heartfelt thanks to: HyM Marketing, the team at Iquitos City GUIDE and to the talented Photographer: Ricardo Edú Alemán Sánchez, for donating their time, effort and precious photos that highlights oucurrent work at Amazon CARES under new leadership of Executive Director, Manuela Rodrigues.

We run completely on donations. If you'd like to contribute to help today, donate here- any amount makes a huge difference for us!

Beautiful Evaristo loves catch.

Our dedicated volunteer Ann assisting at the clinic.

Our Coordinator Marjorie, Volunteer Santiago, Vet Assistant Junior with some of our precious shelter dogs
Amazon Community Animal Rescue Education & Safety is an established 501c3 charity in the USA and ONGD in Peru.  We are the only legal domestic animal rescue charity in Peru's Amazon region. We rescue, treat, shelter, and find loving homes for HUNDREDS of animals every month.  We are a Great NonProfits Top-Rated Charity.

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  1. WOW, what an amazing job you are doing!!! So proud of you. This is truly a BEAUTIFUL pictures. Good Luck to you all!!!!!


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