December 20, 2013

The Season of Giving!

Are you looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Consider supporting Amazon CARES! We are the first, and only, domestic animal charity in Peru's Amazon River Basin. With the generosity of our supporters, we help hundreds of dogs and cats every year. In addition, we host humane education and responsible pet ownership talks throughout the region. We also work closely with local legislators to strengthen and enforce animal cruelty laws. When you support Amazon CARES, you are helping both animals and communities.

There are several simple ways to give to Amazon CARES this holiday season, some without spending a dime!

Purchase a Love decal!

Get your decal here!
Through the month of December, Self-Made Vinyl Co. is hosting a fundraiser that benefits Amazon CARES. Purchase a Love decal for only $10, and $5 goes directly to Amazon CARES. Not only are there several colors to choose from, but these decals also ship worldwide for free! Get your decal today by clicking here!

Give to our Crowdrise Holiday Challenge!

Donate here!

Fundraising website Crowdrise is hosting a Holiday Challenge that Amazon CARES has joined. The challenge runs until Thursday, January 9th, and the team that raises the most during the challenge wins $100,00 for their charity. There are additional prizes for second and third place, along with a number of other prizes throughout the challenge. We are encouraging supporters to donate $10 to help us celebrate our upcoming 10 year anniversary! Donate today here!

Search with Goodsearch!

Visit Goodsearch now!
You can give with Goodsearch every day of the year, just by 

searching the internet! With every internet search conducted on Goodsearch, one penny is donated to Amazon CARES. That may not seem like much, but those pennies can add up quickly! Over $450 has already been raised so far! You can also get great deals both online and in stores with Goodshop and Goodswipe. Visit Goodsearch today! You can also learn more about shopping with Goodsearch tools here.

Donate via PayPal!

Donate with PayPal!
Donating through PayPal is safe and simple. You can even sign up for recurring donations! Follow
this link, or send donations to

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Thank you for your support in 2013! We have helped many animals, like Dottie, throughout the year. With your continued support we can help even more animals in 2014!

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