December 12, 2013

November 2013: The Numbers

November was a very busy month for our team in Peru!
A puppy fast asleep during a mobile campaign.

 Dogs and cats spayed or neutered at AC clinic: 29
Dogs and cats receiving other medical care at AC clinic: 30
Dogs adopted: 4
Cats adopted: 1
Dogs rescued from streets:  17
Cats rescued from streets: 4
Dogs available for adoption: 42
Cats available for adoption: 10
Interviews with local media: 4
Articles published in local newspapers: 5
Educational presentations: 1

Participation in a local science fair. 

Public meeting about responsible pet ownership.

Mobile veterinary campaigns in Tamshiyacu, AAHH,
Los Cedros, and Madre de Dios.
Mobile clinic at Tamshiyacu.

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