December 6, 2013

Amazon CARES In The News - Reflecting on 2013

Earlier this week Amazon CARES was featured in La Region, a popular news source in Iquitos, Peru. Longtime CARES supporter and volunteer Marina Pereyra was interviewed for the article. You can read the article, printed in Spanish, here. Below is the article's English translation.

As 2013 is ending, various institutions, organizations, and even the population, begin to take a self-assessment of the work or actions that developed this year. CARES, an institution devoted to promote public health campaigns, animal rescues, education, and the rehabilitation of abandoned animals, is not unfamiliar to that.  "In this 2013, we feel that we have had several successful improvements in our health campaigns and in our agreements with different municipalities. As for 2014, we are projecting ourselves to  have more agreements, improve and implement the services in our veterinary clinic, start the delivery service, continue with the support and rescue of abandoned dogs," says Marina Pereyra, member of the Amazon CARES board.

CARES volunteer Marina Pereyra. Photo courtesy of La Region.

They are also seeking to institutionalize charity dinners where they can deliver awards for individuals, institutions or companies that support their noble cause. In the meanwhile, there are an increasing number of abroad volunteers looking forward to come to our city and join the community work that CARES have been promoting in our city for the last eight years.

About the shelter, she explains they have already made ​​progress on plans, and defined how they will be renovating and expanding the center, because flooding last year and earlier this year left the place in a situation of emergency and should be addressed. With the expansion we can accommodate a larger number of puppies.

When she was asked for her opinion on the degree of awareness of the population in Iquitos about the stray animals, if maybe there are more conscious people about animal care, wild or domesticated, she points that Iquitos is in an evolutionary phase. "We have teamed up with other organizations such as SOLINIA, among others, together we do talks in schools, because new generations could pass this sensibility to the new ones."


At the same time, she didn’t hesitate to invite people interested in collaborating with CARES’ work, "There are many ways anyone can collaborate and help, not only economically, but also joining the volunteer program, helping in the campaigns, or in the educational talks."

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