December 31, 2013

Amazon CARES #1 Moment of 2013 - The Animals!

These last days of 2013 we have been sharing
Amazon CARES' top moments of the year. What is the number 1 moment of this past year? The animals we've helped, of course! Improving the lives of animals in Peru's Amazon River Basin is our goal, so it's no wonder they made the top of our list. Here are some of the more memorable kiddos we've helped this year!

Dottie when she first arrived at the
Amazon CARES veterinary clinic.

Dottie, named after longtime supporter Dottie Bonnett, arrived at the Amazon CARES veterinary clinic malnourished and with a bad case of mange. With some simple treatment, and plenty of love and attention, Dottie looks like an entirely new dog! And just in time for the new year, Dottie has been adopted!

Dottie now!


Momma lived at the Amazon CARES no-kill shelter for a number of months until this past October when she was adopted by US supporter Kristi Emerson.
It took a lot of work on Kristi's part to make sure Momma traveled safely and comfortably all the way to the United States. Momma now lives in Tennessee and leads a very spoiled life thanks to Kristi!
Kristi and Momma at the CARES clinic in Iquitos.


Dos before.

Dos was rescued in April at the door of the Casa Morey, just a few doors down from the CARES veterinary clinic in Iquitos, by US citizen William Christiansen. Bill decided to sponsor Dos' treatment and care, a very generous gesture by a person who was just visiting the city! Dos was very skinny and had a bad case of mange. Thanks to Bill's generosity, since being treated Dos is happy, his hair has grown back, and he is mange-free. He is up for adoption at our no-kill shelter!

Dos after!

Henry the day he was found.

Henry was found at a mobile veterinary site during our October volunteer veterinary trip. He was named Henry by volunteer Henrietta Fidler.

Volunteer Hen speaks to a child while recovering patients
from surgery during an Amazon CARES mobile veterinary
campaign. Little Henry looks on in the back.

Henry was living in a gym where his mother had given birth to him and his siblings. According to the gym owner, a short time after delivering her babies the mother disappeared. While his siblings didn't survive, Henry did, but the gym owner was unsure how to care for him. Henry is now up for adoption through Amazon CARES!

Henry one month after being rescued by Amazon CARES.

Lupita the day she arrived at Amazon CARES.

Lupita was initially rescued by a woman who had already adopted a dog from the Amazon CARES no-kill shelter. Lupita stayed around the woman's house, but she couldn't afford to care for her and she also couldn't stand the thought of Lupita continuing to live as a stray. Lupita came to Amazon CARES in October, and has since found a loving, permanent home!
Lupita after!
These are the stories of only five of the animals Amazon CARES helped in 2013. Each year Amazon CARES helps hundreds of animals and dozens of communities. With your continued help, Amazon CARES will help even more in the coming year.

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Volunteer Shannon Sullivan rode with Momma from
the CARES no-kill shelter to the veterinary clinic
where Momma's new owner Kristi was eagerly waiting to adopt her.

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