August 8, 2013

Experience Making A Difference - Amazon CARES Veterinary Volunteer (Part 2/3)

Have you ever wondered what a day volunteering with Amazon CARES is like? Recent veterinary volunteer Sarah Keown shares her experience with us in today's blog.

Day 4 - My Birthday!
Today started as normal with a lovely Marlena breakfast.  Off to Santo Thomas today for a clinic in a very beautifully painted brick village hall.  I went in the back of the pick-up today as there was no room up front, but despite it being the most bumpy thing ever at times - especially over the dirt tracks farther out of the city and each of us having to stand to hold onto the bars with dear life - it was the best way to travel and I loved it!

Two neuters, a cat spay and a dog spay today, so not quite as busy as yesterday, but enough to keep the day flowing and us all to feel like we very much earned our packed lunch!  The local kids seemed very entertained by our (normal bathroom) weighing scales for the animals.  I got on too, and even though they laughed when I said I was a "gordita," one of the lovely girls gave me a big consoling hug!

After the surgeries, Rachel, Isabel (Amazon CARES veterinarian), and I went to "vamos a la playa" and got taken by one of Bruno's friends by boat across the river to his idyllic home where some very lucky ex-pats live.  There Isabel, with amazing skill, managed to restrain both of their (rescued) monkeys and parrots for me to (try) and inject them with anti-parasiticides. It was an experience, with a beautiful view!

Back at the clinic (after managing to break one of the big boxes with my gordita weight on the way back in the truck!), I felt refreshed for the evening.  I was amazingly surprised by the Amazon CARES team with the most amazing, biggest, impressive, chocolate and dulce de leche cake ever seen, a round of "Feliz Cumpleanos" and Spanish version of "For She's A Jolly Good Fellow," and a round of cervezas - all good and enjoyed by everyone - especially when Harry the vet tech got a face full of cream courtesy of Bruno! 

Interested in volunteering? Amazon CARES offers virtual and veterinary volunteer positions year-round. Learn more here.

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