August 14, 2013

August Amazon CARES Campaign In The News!

By Shannon Sullivan

Amazon CARES' August Veterinary Volunteer Campaign has been underway for just over a week, and already the campaign has made headlines in Iquitos' local news. On Sunday, August 11, Pro & Contra, a major local news source in Iquitos, published a short article about the campaign.

The article explains that the campaign is being conducted via an alliance between Amazon CARES, Mi Dogtora, and the municipality of San Juan. The campaign focuses on pet registration, parasite treatment, as well as the spaying and neutering of both dogs and cats.

The article goes on to explain that the alliance and campaign are intended to regulate pet ownership "in order to achieve a peaceful coexistence between people and animals, recognizing the important work of society, help and security, but without forgetting the public health aspects and possible inconveniences caused by them."

It has taken Amazon CARES nearly ten years to make responsible and humane pet ownership a public concern and a talking point in the media. You can support this August campaign at our Crowdrise fundraising page.

Pro & Contra article translated using Google Translate.

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