July 8, 2013

Peruvian News on CARES' Animals Have Rights Campaign: "Why Not Dream of A Better Future?"

By Shannon Sullivan

A newly registered dog
and his owner.
At the end of May I reported on a successful mobile veterinary campaign hosted by Amazon CARES where over 600 dogs and cats received much needed veterinary care. In addition, pets were registered with the city of Contamana for easy identification and tracking should the animal become lost, neglected or abused. In June La Region, Loreto's major news source, also reported on the campaign.

The article discusses Amazon CARES' Animals Have Rights campaign, which encourages individuals to anonymously monitor and report violence towards animals. Witnesses of abuse or neglect towards both domestic and wild animals are asked to report the incident to local authorities or to Amazon CARES so that corrective action may be taken.

Peru Director Bruno Antoine explains in the article that Amazon CARES is "pushing an agreement with the State Bar of Loreto, such as the creation of a commission of lawyers responsible for processing complaints presented by the affected and move them to the competent authorities. So CARES becomes an intermediary between the complainants and the authorities that manage and provide solutions to complaints about such crimes and misdemeanors."

A Humisha display which used the
endangered woolly monkey.
Amazon CARES acted as an intermediary in February 2013 when reporting on a Humishas contest in Bellavista Market organized by the Municipality of Maynas. The public was shocked when dead woolly monkeys were used as decorative ornaments in the contest, violating a Supreme Decree. Luis Navarro Acho, President of the Flea Market Vendors Association, justified the use of the endangered woolly monkey since the contest is held only once a year. Amazon CARES, with support from the Commission of Defense of Wildlife and the Domestic Bar Association of Loreto, have been working together for the conservation and protection of these endangered animals.

The article goes on to urge citizens of Loreto to take animal abuse seriously and to always report it to the appropriate authorities. "Many times we become aware that some people do cruel and ruthless acts against animals and we are filled with anger at feeling powerless over such acts; this is because we know that there are laws and procedures that protect wild and domestic animals. In this sense, we must understand abuse as being any event, act or omission of the human being that can cause pain or suffering, affecting animal welfare, endangering the animal's life, or seriously affecting your health, as well as labor exploitation, are considered acts of cruelty and maltreatment."

A young boy with his pets at the
Amazon CARES Contamana Campaign.
Amazon CARES' work has helped to create a culture of empathy and compassion throughout Peru; this is evident with the article's closing statement. "So much for turning a blind eye and pretending that the problem doesn't concern us. It's time we start considering the animals who are beings with feelings, but especially, are suffering and treated unfairly, often subjected to unscrupulous people. Slowly and together we can get society aware, and why not dream of a better future?"

La Region article translated with Google Translate.

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