July 1, 2013

Dog Food Shortage A Real Danger

By Shannon Sullivan

Last month I reported about the difficulty of obtaining quality dog food at a reasonable price for the Amazon CARES team in Peru. Unfortunately, that difficulty continues and the potential of a dog food shortage is more real than ever.

Ysa, one of the dogs at Amazon CARES'
No-Kill Dog Shelter.
Operating a no-kill dog shelter out of one of the most remote areas of the world allows our team to help animals who may otherwise not receive assistance. However, there are certainly problems associated with that remoteness; namely getting supplies in a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable price.

Entrance to the CARES No-Kill Dog Shelter.
Currently Pedigree dog food, the food we usually feed our shelter dogs, is unavailable in the entire country of Peru. In turn, we have been forced to purchase the higher cost, lower quality food that is available. Having to spend more money on dog food means that our organization has fewer funds for other expenses, like medical supplies. During times like this we rely on our supporters more than ever.

Peru Director Bruno Antoine
with dogs up for adoption at the shelter.
Please consider making a small donation to help feed these wonderful dogs. As the gravity of this situation becomes more apparent, the support of donors is more important than ever. Even the smallest donation can go a long way in helping shelter dogs in Peru. Your support is very appreciated! Visit our Crowdrise fundraising site for more information or to make a donation.


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  2. Thank you for the information, Mikle. For some pet owners homemade dog food may be a wonderful alternative.

    -Shannon Sullivan, Blog Editor


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