June 29, 2013

Veterinary Volunteers Highlighted In Peruvian News

By Shannon Sullivan

A group of Amazon CARES volunteers, who came together from all over the world, recently wrapped up a two week veterinary trip in Peru. Earlier this week their efforts were highlighted by Pro & Contra, a major Peruvian news source, in an article titled "Pets Benefit From Medical Campaign."

Amazon CARES volunteers, June 2013.

Volunteers helped host mobile veterinary campaigns in twelve different villages along the Nanay River. While the mobile campaigns are intended to provide basic veterinary care to dogs and cats, there is also a public health component, providing anti-parasite medications to humans.

When interviewed by Pro & Contra, Peru Director Bruno Antoine explained how Amazon CARES has changed the culture and perception of pet ownership through the use of mobile campaigns and humane education programs. "The population is now well aware of the benefits of this type of activity that allows the medium-term to reduce the number of strays and unwanted births, and the positive effects for health, in terms of transmission of parasitic diseases, not to mention the benefits for pets."

Amazon CARES volunteers treated over 500 animals for internal and external parasites, and spayed or neutered 180 others. In the article, Pro & Contra acknowledges that spaying and neutering is the only 100% efficient and humane method for animal population control.

Upcoming volunteer veterinary trips with Amazon CARES are in August and October 2013. Visit our events page for more information. Consider being a trip leader for discounted trip fees!

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