June 13, 2013

Dogs In Amazon's Only No-Kill Shelter Need Your Help Now!

By Shannon Sullivan

Amazon CARES operates out of one of the most remote cities in the world. Iquitos, home of our animal clinic, is the largest city in the world that cannot be accessed by road. That means all supplies must be brought into the city by air or by boat. Our no-kill dog shelter is located a short distance down river from Iquitos in an area called Cabo Lopez.

The river dock for the Amazon CARES clinic.
Photo by Debby Dayton

The Amazon CARES clinic.
Due to the remoteness of the city, many consumer items that are easily available in other parts of Peru are not available in Iquitos. In addition, those items that are available for purchase in Iquitos are significantly more expensive than items purchased elsewhere. The difficulty of obtaining products and the increased cost of many products is problematic when running any organization. It's especially problematic when operating a non-profit animal clinic and a no-kill dog shelter!

The Amazon CARES team was recently informed that Pedigree dog food, the food we feed our shelter dogs, is currently unavailable in the entire country of Peru! For the last several weeks we’ve been forced to buy lower quality, but more expensive, dog foods that are available in Iquitos.

The Amazon CARES no-kill dog shelter.

Dogs at the CARES shelter.
Although the concept is very foreign in Peru, our Peruvian office is considering running a food drive in order to provide the dogs we shelter with better quality food at a more reasonable price. We’re unsure how successful a food drive will be, but we are willing to do whatever we can to help these dogs in need!
You can help too! You can help us with the extra expense of food by making a small contribution to our cause by following this link: www.crowdrise.com/dogfood Please consider sharing our cause with your friends!

Any contribution you make will go a long way in helping us to provide great nutrition and care for these wonderful dogs!

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