May 17, 2013

Goodbye Google – Giving with GoodSearch

By Shannon Sullivan
Giving has never been so easy! Did you know that you can donate to Amazon CARES every day simply by searching the internet? Or by shopping at your favorite online retailers, like Amazon and Macy’s? Thanks to GoodSearch, you can donate to Amazon CARES just by doing what you’re doing right now - using the internet!

Since2006, GoodSearch has helped non-profit organizations raise over $9 million! GoodSearch is a wonderful tool that allows supporters, like you, to donate to a charity without spending a dime. GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo; every time you use GoodSearch, about one penny is donated to Amazon CARES. It may not seem like much, but pennies can add up quickly! If only 1,000 of Amazon CARES’ supporters use GoodSearch twice a day, $7,300 in donations can be earned every year.

Using GoodSearch is simple! Go to and you’ll be asked to choose your cause. Select Amazon CARES, then get searching and watch as the pennies add up! GoodSearch keeps a running total of how much money your internet searches earn for Amazon CARES. Remember to bookmark the GoodSearch page! You can also download a GoodSearch toolbar by clicking here!

You can also earn money for Amazon CARES by shopping online. GoodShop offers coupons and other deals at your favorite online retailers that benefit Amazon CARES.

You can even contribute to Amazon CARES by eating out at your favorite restaurants! Visit for participating restaurants.

Amazon CARES helps hundreds of families and animals
at our mobile clinics.
Learn more about GoodSearch and other ways to contribute to Amazon CARES without spending a dime here. Your contributions allow Amazon CARES to continue our important work. Thanks to donors like you, since 2004 CARES has treated 24,000 animals, provided anti-parasite treatment to over 22,000 humans, found homes for over 370 animals, and had over 525 volunteers donate time and services. We sincerely thank you for your support! We could not do it without you! Head over to or download the toolbar and start donating with every internet search!  

Thanks to donors, we are able to help animals like Clotilde!


  1. Hope it works out - I do not use good search - Google only.

    1. Ned, you might give it a try. It's powered by Yahoo! search. You can even register credit cards so that CARES will get donations when you dine out and shop out!


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