May 11, 2013

Be Kind to Animals Week (Part 7/7) – Humane Education

By Shannon Sullivan

American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week has been celebrated nationally since 1915. In observance of this special week, May 5-11, Amazon CARES is running a seven part blog series addressing the major ways our organization is kind to animals.

Bruno Antoine speaking at a humane education event.
Since being founded in 2004, humane education has been a cornerstone of Amazon CARES’ work. In jungle towns and local schools, Peru Director Bruno Antoine works tirelessly to teach  children of all ages, as well as adults, about the importance of animal and human relationships, responsible pet ownership, and the importance of respecting wildlife in their natural environment. 

Bruno on the radio.
Amazon CARES also regularly appears on TV and radio programs to discuss kindness and sensitivity towards animals.

The primary goal of humane education is to create a culture of empathy and caring.  By stimulating the moral development of individuals, we hope to form a more compassionate and just society.

Our humane education programs are far reaching. We train teachers and volunteers to teach important lessons about kindness towards animals, preventing the transmission of disease between pets and animals, and a number of other important topics. Our humane education workshops currently take place in schools and colleges seven or more times per week.

An International Animal Rights Day Event, promoting responsible pet ownership, held at the Amazon CARES no-kill dog shelter.

Amazon CARES' humane education programs insure kindness towards animals for generations to come! Thanks to generous donors like you, we are able to offer these programs throughout northern Peru.

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