May 8, 2013

Be Kind to Animals Week (Part 4/7) – Legislation to Protect Animals

By Shannon Sullivan

American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week has been celebrated nationally since 1915. In observance of this special week, May 5-11, Amazon CARES is running a seven part blog series addressing the major ways our organization is kind to animals.

Legislation is a powerful tool that can be used to promote kindness towards animals. Amazon CARES recognizes this fact, and has helped to strengthen animal protection legislation in Iquitos, Peru.

In July of last year, Peru Director Bruno Antoine met with the Bar Association of Loreto, forming a strategic alliance. The alliance, the first of its kind in Loreto, was formed in order to defend and protect animal rights. Amazon CARES encourages local legislators to not only strengthen laws, but also to enforce laws.

Peru Director Bruno Antoine signing the alliance.
 Read a translated article about this alliance here.

This alliance has proven to be extremely successful! In September of 2012, Amazon CARES helped to secure a conviction in Iquitos’ first animal cruelty case. Sandra Padilla was charged with poisoning her neighbor’s dog, Arthas, resulting in the puppy's death. Padilla was found guilty of offenses against morality under the Animal Abuse and Cruelty Code. She was fined 2000 Peruvian Nuevo Soles, approximately $775 USD, which cost her one-fourth of her income for nearly seven months.


Read more about Padilla’s case here.

Earlier this year Amazon CARES confronted the Office of Environment, protesting the authority’s lack of concern about clear violations of law and humanity. Amazon CARES presented an official complaint regarding Mr. Luis Navarro Achoa for crimes against natural resources, including endangered species. The Municipality of Maynas had offered local merchants a cash reward for the best bloody humisha tree decor. Some animals, including monkeys and a wild boar, were slaughtered for use as decoration. Amazon CARES is very motivated to help stop this type of activity.

The signed formal complaint.

Read about Amazon CARES’ reasons 
for filing the formal complaint here.

In just a few years, Amazon CARES has helped to significantly improve animal protection laws in Iquitos. And we will continue to promote the humane treatment of animals through legislation!

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  1. Animal rights and the well treatment of animals are important aspects of being a responsible animal owner. Some laws have been put in place to help protect animals and regulate breeding industries;equine law is the best example that I can think of. I'm all for laws that protect animals well being, within reason of course.


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