May 6, 2013

Be Kind to Animals Week (Part 2/7) – No-Kill Dog Shelter

By Shannon Sullivan

American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week has been celebrated nationally since 1915. In observance of this special week, May 5-11, Amazon CARES is running a seven part blog series addressing the major ways our organization is kind to animals.

One of the most important ways that Amazon CARES is kind to animals is by operating one of the few no-kill dog shelters in Peru. All dogs who enter the shelter are given thorough exams, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and it’s made sure they are free of parasites. We follow adoption guidelines of Humane Society International, as well as other major animal welfare organizations. Potential owners meet with an adoption counselor so that we can be sure their new canine family member is the perfect fit.

Hopeful adoptees at the CARES shelter.

Adoption fees range from S./ 30 (about $11 USD) to S./ 45 (roughly $17 USD). The idea of paying an adoption fee for a dog has been met with resistance in Peru, but that resistance seems to be gradually decreasing.

Barbitas, seen here with Liliana, was adopted on Valentine's Day of this year.

We’ve even had volunteers adopt dogs who return with them to the United States! Read Keara’s heartwarming story here!

Keara right after arriving in the United States!

In March of 2012, our shelter suffered significant damage after a flood; luckily no dogs were harmed. (You can read about the flood here.) Thanks to generous donors like you, we were able to rebuild the shelter on higher ground.

The new Amazon CARES shelter.

Rest assured, we also work hard to find homes for our feline friends! In fact, we are currently fundraising to help with the recent influx of kittens we’ve received. 

Follow this link to the fundraising page.

If time has taught us anything at Amazon CARES, it’s that where there’s a will, there’s a way! We’ve found homes for dogs in a culture where the idea of adoption was nearly unheard of. Even floodwaters haven’t stopped us! As long as there are dogs and cats in need, we’ll find loving, permanent homes for them!

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