May 29, 2013

Amazon CARES Treats Over 600 Animals During Global Health Campaign

By Shannon Sullivan

Thanks to supporters like you, Amazon CARES is truly making a difference in the lives of both domestic animals and humans throughout northern Peru. In April, Amazon CARES hosted a Global Health Campaign in the city of Contamana. During the campaign, nearly 100 dogs and cats were spayed or neutered and 628 animals received treatment, such as parasite control.

Bruno discussing the work of Amazon CARES.
During the campaign, CARES' invaluable Peru Director Bruno Antoine was interviewed by local media outlets to promote responsible pet ownership. In addition, he spoke about humane education at surrounding schools and colleges.

A newly registered pet and his owner.
Amazon CARES also helped to register many of the dogs with the city of Contamana. Article 5 of the Contamana City Council states that "every owner of pets is required to identify, register and get local authorization." This policy allows local officials and organizations like Amazon CARES to have better control of stray animals and to punish owners who may abandon, neglect or abuse their own pets. This article makes the city of Contamana the first city in the region to take seriously the problems of animal abandonment and animal suffering.

In addition to the outstanding work at the Contamana mobile clinic, in April the Amazon CARES clinic also spayed or neutered 44 cats and dogs and treated 7 others.

View the entire photo album of the Contamana Global Health Campaign here! You can support similar Amazon CARES campaigns by visiting our Crowdrise fundraising website.

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