April 29, 2013

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month Ends, But We Won't Stop!

By Shannon Sullivan

April may have been the "Prevention of Animal Cruelty" month, but Amazon CARES works hard all twelve months of the year to prevent animal cruelty. Amazon CARES, which stands for Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety, works hard to educate children and communities in Peru about the humane treatment of animals. 

Peru director Bruno Antoine is a frequent guest on TV and radio programs in and around Iquitos, and appears frequently in local newspapers to discuss issues important to the community. 

Additionally, Amazon CARES hosts humane education programs for not only children, but also adults. The primary goal of humane education is to create a culture of empathy and caring.  By stimulating the moral development of individuals, we hope to form a more compassionate and just society, in turn preventing animal cruelty.

Bruno can keep any 
crowd entertained!
Bruno discusses parasitic diseases 
with local teachers.
In addition to educating communities in an attempt to prevent animal cruelty, Amazon CARES works with local legislators in Peru to strengthen laws that protect domestic animals.
Bruno Antoine and the 
Mayor of Iquitos

In 2012 Amazon CARES worked with the Iquitos Bar Association to secure an animal cruelty conviction for Sandra Milagros Padilla Alvis. In February 2012 Alvis threatened to kill Arthas, a five-month-old puppy owned by her neighbor Alfredo Martín Díaz García. The day after making her threat, Alvis poisoned Arthas causing his death.

Padilla as she is convicted
Amazon CARES helped to bring the case before the courts and followed the case for seven months. Alvis was found guilty of animal cruelty and was given a fine of 2000 Peruvian Nuevo Soles, approximately $775 USD, which will cost her one-fourth of her income for nearly seven months.

The conviction is considered by many to be a landmark victory, setting a precedent for Peru and the rest of the Third World. The case received attention not only in Peru, but internationally as well.

Press mobbed the small courtroom
Every donation you make to Amazon CARES helps to further our goals of preventing animal cruelty in the Peruvian Amazon. Amazon CARES has accomplished a great deal since 2004, and we hope to accomplish much more!

Articles about this case are in Spanish, although many bloggers covered the story in the USA.  Click here.

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