April 28, 2013

International Workers Memorial Day: In Memory of Gustavo

Amazon CARES Remembers A Dear Friend and Colleague

by Shannon Sullivan

This International Workers’ Memorial Day we remember our dear friend and colleague Gustavo Cahuaza Shapiama. Gustavo, born in Mazan, was a valued employee of Amazon CARES for five years. He was married and had two sons; his youngest son is an infant named Jack.  

Gustavo was the primary caretaker at the Amazon CARES no-kill shelter at Cabo Lopez, near the city of Iquitos. He was considered the “Pied Piper” of puppies due to the fact that they followed him throughout his daily work routine.

The shelter at Cabo Lopez only recently obtained electricity, and the power of electricity is often misunderstood by individuals in developing nations. In February of this year Gustavo died from accidental electrocution; we are told that he did not suffer. Volunteers and employees of Amazon CARES came together to cover his funeral expenses, and Amazon CARES has established a fund to help his family during this difficult time. 

International Workers’ Memorial Day is observed around the world in honor of those workers killed or injured by their work. We honor Gustavo best by continuing to rescue dogs and cats in need. Gustavo provided daily treatments and preventative care for all animals awaiting adoption at Cabo Lopez. He also provided a loving, dignified and humane life to our "permanent residents" at the shelter who are not adoptable. His love for each animal ran deep. He is sincerely missed, leaving a void in our hearts as we continue his life's work.

To see how well Gustavo interacted with our shelter dogs, watch a clip from this video.

Read more about Gustavo from those who knew and loved him best on our original blog, "Remembering Gustavo."

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