April 20, 2013

International Medical Marijuana Day: Ayahuasca in the Amazon

Written by Shannon Sullivan

April 20th is International Medical Marijuana Day, a day to recognize the health benefits and medicinal properties of marijuana and other natural plants.

Most tourists travel to Peru in order to explore the beautiful Amazon Rainforest. Some tourists, however, are now traveling to the Amazon not to explore the rainforests, but to explore their own minds. 

 PHOTO Source:  NPR
Ayahuasca tourism has been steadily growing for years, especially in Iquitos, home of the Amazon CARES’ animal clinic. Ayahuasca is a sludge-like, hallucinogenic potion made from jungle vines. 

Understandably, the indigenous tribes call it “the sacred vine of the soul.” Source:  Washington Post

Photo Source:  NP

Drinking the potion is believed to lead to contact with the spiritual world, and has reportedly helped individuals to overcome depression and emotional strife. Some, however, experience no effect. Many experience an extremely upset stomach.  Source:  NPR

While any psychological benefits of the potion are purely anecdotal, research has found that not only is the potion non-addictive, but it can actually help to overcome addiction.  So now the question is, would you drink it?

*Amazon CARES does not endorse the use of any non-prescribed drugs or remedies. This blog is for informational purposes only.

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  1. I have never been tempted to try Ahuayasca. This blog is nothing more than a brief introduction to this form of tourism in Iquitos. Much research should be conducted prior to engaging in this or any form of prescription or non-prescription drug.

    There are many fake "shamans" around Iquitos that will charge unsuspecting tourists large amounts of money for a horrible experience. I do know of people that do it once a year as part of a spiritual cleansing process. I have know less experienced individuals that suffered from frightening hallucinations and gastric distress.

    This blog is an introduction and for informational purposes only.


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