April 4, 2013

Every Day is "World Stray Animals Day" at Amazon CARES!

Photo from https://www.facebook.com/strayanimalsday

April 4 is the worldwide celebrated day to give special attention to the 600.000.000 stray animals in the world.

Dogs and cats should have a home. But stray dogs and stray cats don't. They lead poor and miserable lives on the streets, often illfed, suffering extreme heat, cold, and diseases, even more often being chased around by hostile and violent civilians and authorities. 

But we, as people who care about animals, can do something.

April 4. The Day to show Compassion, deploy initiatives to Care, and get into Action for stray animals all over our planet. (Above text is quoted from the website http://www.strayanimalsday.org/)

Every day is Stray Animals Day for Amazon CARES!  Not a week goes by when we are not educating the community about the importance of responsible animal ownership and the importance of adopting animals.

During this particular World Stray Animals Day, Amazon CARES had a volunteer veterinary trip planned.  Due to a lack of funding, we had to shorten the trip, originally scheduled to begin on April 1. The trip must go on, however, and on April 8 our vet team will be traveling by small plane to the remote Peruvian Amazon region of Contamana.

In the city of Contamana, for the first time, Licensed Veterinarians will conduct a comprehensive health check to animals, register the animals, adminster anti-parasite medications if warranted.  The team will also be spaying and neutering street dogs and owned animals in this poor population.   

This activity will take place under the Interagency Cooperation Agreement between the Provincial Government of Ucayali and Amazon CARES from April 8 to 12, in the Plaza Alfredo Vargas Guerra, with a motto "Responsible Owners, Healthy Pets." Massive participation from the population is expected.  

Amazon CARES has traveled to the borders of Peru to serve very remote populations.  To date, Contamana is the MOST remote location the charity has visited.  

We could not do this without sponsors and donors such as Embrace Pet Insurance, the Fondation Brigitte Bardot and many individual donors.  Please donate to our cause today!


  1. Thank you for saving the strays - both on April 4 and the whole year round!

    1. Dear Daniel, I am so honored that you found our blog in the midst of all that you are doing. Congratulations on your wonderful and inspiring work. At the heart of the work of Amazon CARES is rescuing and helping to reduce the population of street dogs and cats. Since 2004 we have evolved into a charity that helps pet owners without the resources to care for their pets. Both objectives are equally important to us! - Molly Mednikow


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