April 12, 2013

A fake donation of $15,000. Really?

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety 
April 2013

2013 is a year of transition and growth for Amazon CARES.  We are ever grateful to our supporters, and hope that you will continue supporting our work in the future.  We are also seeking volunteers....We post new volunteer opportunities frequently.
We need Veterinary professionals to work in the Amazon, and we need virtual volunteers to assist with translation, graphic design, copywriting and marketing.  
If interested, please check out www.amazoncares.org/Events.
The Slap Heard Around Atlanta!
Reality TV Not so Real:  
Amazon CARES on  
Amazon CARES Director Molly Mednikow appeared on the reality TV show Big Rich Atlanta produced by the Style Network.  
However, if you are hoping to learn more about Amazon CARES, don't blink.  Despite filming several scenes in which Molly introduces Amazon CARES to cast members and to guests at an Annual Decorator's Show house, these scenes were deleted in favor of the slapping drama which Molly can confirm was NOT SCRIPTED.
The Episode "Preacher's Wrath" will re-run at the following times, and will be available to watch on the Style Network website after Sunday, April 14.  Set your DVR!

Wednesday, April 10, 8 PM EST 
$15,000 for Amazon CARES!! Or Not.
Thursday, April 11, 2 AM EST 
Thursday, April 11, 8 AM EST
Sunday, April 14, 3 PM EST
Tuesday, April 16, 2PM EST
Sadly, the name "Amazon CARES" was never mentioned, although it was clear the event benefited an animal rescue charity.  
The producers got a true reaction from Molly when Katie donated $15,000 to Amazon CARES in "honor" of Donald's room in the Show House.  "I was in shock and in tears, knowing that this amount of money could keep CARES afloat for six months.  Then I realized the check was fake..." states Mednikow 
"It was fun and interesting to be a small part of the show.  I especially enjoyed working with talented Interior Decorator Marcia Marchman and her daughter Meagan McBrayer, who is as poised and gracious as Marcia is.  I have known Marcia for years, but had not seen her since I had started the charity in the Amazon.  Thank you Marcia for mentioning Amazon CARES on your show blog."
Molly Mednikow, Founder of Amazon CARES
Despite the lack of hoped for publicity for Amazon CARES, we are hopeful that people will "open their hearts and their wallets" as Molly said on the TV show.  As our charity grows in scope and we save more animals, we really need donations to survive.
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