March 7, 2013

Remembering Gustavo

Gustavo at the shelter with Neyra.
A Volunteer Remembers Gustavo:

A former and beloved Veterinary Volunteer wrote to express her sympathy over the tragic loss of our shelter employee, Gustavo Cahuaza. 

"I can't begin to express my sadness for Gustavo's family and for you and Amazon Cares. What a tragic accident, and what a terrible fear it must have been. I hope you are able to move on, and to appreciate the wonder of Gustavo finding you and doing his work with the dogs. I know he loved it very much. And although it is little consolation, I hope you know that he would have suffered little or none, I am sure.
Barbara and I spent an afternoon in Cabo Lopez with Gustavo as our guide and interpreter; just walking along the lanes and talking to people and treating dogs. He wanted to work on his English, and he told us how much he enjoyed his work." -- Judith Bechtum, DVM

Read about Dr. Bechtum's adoption of a Peruvian rescue dog, Neyra, here.

Harry and Gustavo
A Colleague Remembers Gustavo:

"Gustavo was a friend.  He was charismatic, cheerful, optimistic, positive in all respects, and in relation to his work with the animals.  He had a deep affection for all of them.  Gustavo loved his work.  He loved everything that he did.  

We often worked together at the shelter, and we worked together very well.  Between the two of us we did the work in a fun, communicative way, exchanging family stories and work ideas. Gustavo always looked for ways to improve the environment in the shelter. We made the bridge to the animal cemetery from the volunteer lodge.  We worked hard to get the shelter dogs adopted.  We trained the dogs to be better pets.

I think that Gustavo will always live in the hearts of all who knew him, especially those who worked with him. In experiences good and bad, he was always very open and honest.  Rest in peace friend Gustavo and God have you in His holy glory. " -- Harri Jhoar Mozambite Paz

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