February 13, 2013

Mourning a Colleague & Animal Savior

Gustavo Cahuaza Shapiama (May 10, 1982 -February 2, 2013
We mourn the loss of our colleague and friend, Gustavo Cahuaza Shapiama, born in Mazan on May 10, 1982 and died on February 2, 2013. Gustavo was a trusted employee of Amazon CARES for 5 years. He worked as the primary animal caretaker at the Amazon CARES No-Kill shelter at Cabo Lopez, near by the city of Iquitos. during the last two years Gustavo lived in the Cabo Lopez community with his wife and his infant son, Jack. He is also survived by another son from s prior relationship.

His sudden and accidental death took place at around 2 PM while he was at work for Amazon CARES. Amazon CARES has been cleared of any fault or negligence in Gustavo's tragic accident.

All those who knew Gustavo are mourning the death of our own "Pied Piper" of puppies, who followed him throughout his daily work routine. Volunteers and employees of Amazon CARES came together to cover his funeral expenses, and Amazon CARES has established a fund to help his family during this difficult time.

We honor Gustavo best by continuing to rescue animals in need. Gustavo applied daily treatments and preventative care for all animals awaiting adoption at Cabo Lopez. He also provided a loving, dignified and humane life to our "permanent residents" at the shelter that were not adoptable. His love for each animal ran so deep. And he is deeply missed, leaving a void in our hearts as we continue his life's work.


  1. Anyone interested in donating to Gustavo's family may contact Sarai Romero Villacrez on Facebook. She's in charge of the collection in Iquitos. We're former volunteers and sent a donation via Western Union. She received it with no problems.

  2. Hi all,
    I was very sad to hear of the tragic death of Gustavo. Having worked and lived at the shelter for several weeks in 2008 I got to know him as a extremely dedicated and diligent helper. I will remember his gentle respectful approach to me and the animals always. I pass on my condolences and thoughts to the family and staff there.
    Simon Bate

  3. So sad for all of you. I'm so sorry for your loss.


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