February 14, 2013

A Birthday Valentine to Director Bruno Antoine

Today, February 14, we not only celebrate Valentine's Day, but we also celebrate the Birthday of Bruno Antoine, a very well known man in Iquitos, Peru, and the Director of Amazon CARES in Peru.

Prior to joining Amazon CARES as our Director in Peru, he worked for two different NGO's based in Peru.  Bruno is a native of Évreux, France.  He is married to Lily Zumba and in 2012 they welcomed their daughter Zoé into the family.

His academic history prepared him well for work in the international non profit arena.  

  • Bachelor's degree is in Political Science from the Université François Rabelais (François Rabelais University) in Tours.
  • Master's Degree in in Government Administration from the Institut d'études politiques (Institute of Political Studies).
  • Master's Degree in Non-Profit Management from the Institut de Formation et d'Appui aux Initiatives de Développement (Institute for Training and Support Development Initiatives) in Bordeaux. 
As Director of Amazon CARES in Peru, he communicates our mission internationally while searching for grants and media exposure.  Much of his time is spent dealing with the local authorities to promote animal welfare issues and form alliances that benefit animals.  He works with local and international volunteers, and is well known among youth in the region as a passionate humane educator.  

As a Frenchman, romance is in his blood, and we are plying him with questions about romance from a French perspective, and hope to feature these thoughts on another blog.

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