January 7, 2013

Follow @WeCare & Help @AmazonCares Earn Funds #MillionDimes

On January 7th at 12PM PST, We-Care.com will launch the Charity Challenge to give away $100,000.00 to registered nonprofit organizations, ten cents at a time. It is up to you, the Twitterverse, to decide which charities receive all the Charity Challenge donations. Starting January 7th, vote for your charity +Amazon CARES on Twitter. Every qualifying tweet counts as one vote and earns your charity $.10, up to a $1,000 per charity!   Each account can tweet up to 5 times per day, which means you can support 5 different charities per day, or cast 5 votes for Amazon CARES daily.
A sample tweet would be @WeCare will donate $.10 to @AmazonCares | Up to #MillionDimes.  5 votes per day & RT's count!  Must follow @WeCare. 
Or support two charities at a time in a tweet similar to above:
@WeCare will donate $.10 to @aspca and @AmazonCARES | Up to #MillionDimes.  5 votes per day & RT's count! PL RT & must follow @WeCare.
In order to vote, your Twitter account must be a USA based account, and you must follow @wecare on Twitter.
Speed is key. The faster the tweets come in, the faster we can earn the individual cap of $1,000 (10,000 valid tweets). Charities with slow tweets may not be able to reach their cap before the million dimes have been distributed, so we need to make sure to get as many tweets sent as quickly as possible.
We-Care.com has proven that pennies, dimes, and dollars add up by generating and donating over $4,600,000 to charity using our cause marketing platform. Help us prove it again by giving away $100,000 to your favorite charities, one dime at a time!
As many are aware, Amazon CARES has suffered financially during 2012.  $1000 goes a long way in Peru.  It would pay for 3 months of dog food for our shelter dogs!

We hope any animal supporters on Twitter will help us earn this donation!!


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    1. Thanks for your support, as always, Mary. We came in top place, but votes are still being validated! Will keep you posted!


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