December 13, 2012

What does CARES stand for?

As part of our continuing series "Why Amazon CARES Must Survive," today's blog is about the hidden meaning of our name, Amazon CARES.

As Dr. Patrick Mahaney recently noted in a blog post, “CARES” doesn’t just sound compassionate, it’s an acronym for:
COMMUNITY:  CARES is rooted in the Peruvian Amazon community, with a team of Peruvian veterinarians, shelter staff and volunteers.By working with local municipalities and using existing resources, we address and solve evolving issues more efficiently.  

Peruvian volunteers visiting the no-kill shelter to help bathe our shelter animals.

ANIMAL:  Animal Birth Control (ABC) reduces the size of unwanted, roaming animal populations and the attendant suffering due to disease, starvation, injury and want that accompanies these unwanted animals.
RESCUE: Many animals captured during our ABC campaigns are not healthy enough to be released. These animals are treated in our modern veterinary clinic and then transported to our no-kill shelter in nearby Cabo Lopez. Abandoned animals and countless litters of abandoned kittens and puppies are also welcome at our shelter.
EDUCATION:  Humane Education is a very strong component of our work. In the jungle towns and in local schools, Peruvian Director, Bruno Antoine works tirelessly to teach children of all ages about the importance of animal and human relationships, responsible pet ownership, and the importance of respecting wildlife in their natural environment. CARES appears on TV weekly to discuss sensitivity towards animals.

SAFETY:  As a component of our education efforts we teach about dog-bite prevention and the importance of animal health as it pertains to public and environmental health. We encounter many dogs with diseases that are transmissible to the human population. We conduct campaigns against domestic violence by demonstrating the proven link between animal abuse and said violence.

Again, we ask you, please help Amazon CARES survive and thrive in 2013.  Please donate whatever amount you can.  Please copy and share our ChipIn widget.

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