December 6, 2012

"We Will Survive..."

We wish to apologize for the delay since our last blog.  Amazon CARES has made incredible progress during 2012, and we want our work to continue long past 2013.  However, financially, like many charities, we are suffering greatly.  I am sad to state that for the first time we will not be printing an Annual Calendar.  This keepsake had always doubled as a form of an Annual Report for CARES.  Despite Sponsorship money to pay for the actual printing, we had to measure reality vs. the costs and reality won.  Amazon CARES, it seems, is always hanging by a thread.  I can assure supporters that our costs are low.  I do not earn a salary and 90 cents of every $1.00 donated goes directly yo our animal and human welfare projects.  This year, due to the destruction of our jungle shelter facilities due to flooding and the resulting influx of abandoned animals, we utilized all our resources.

Director  Bruno Antoine catching a street dog for
sterilization along with a bystander and Vet Tech Harry.
I must congratulate and give special recognition to Peru Director Bruno Antoine, who enabled me to stop living in Peru full-time, and develop our name outside of Peru.  Bruno is a true visionary with compassion towards all living beings.  He is the glue that holds Amazon CARES together, along with Manuela, my Part-Time Assistant in the United States, who I will write about in the coming days.

Do not misunderstand the tone of this blog!  Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety WILL continue to exist.  I am determined to work harder and smarter in 2013 than ever before.  Let's call the last eight years a "warm-up"  From humble beginnings we became a charity to be reckoned with.  The culture of ignorance and indifference towards domestic animals in the Amazon Region of Peru has changed.  That is because of Amazon CARES.  The most dramatic example of this cultural shift occurred when we obtained the precedent setting legal verdict against an animal abuser in Iquitos, and secured a conviction.  It was a surprise for Iquitos, Peru, and much of Latin America!  Read about that case here.

After years of being sponsored by a Fiscal Sponsor Charity, we achieved our own 501 (c)3 non-profit status in the United States.  Now, in addition to our great foundation support from the Fondation Brigitte Bardot and other European entities, we can begin to build relationships with American Foundations that will help us survive and thrive.

Like everyone we hit hard times, and although we have accomplished so much during our eight years working in the remote Amazon jungle, we will not shut our doors and watch our work be undone.  Amazon CARES will survive, but we need your help. 

Please join us as a Member and/or Supporter today!  While shopping online, click on first and a donation will be made when you purchase at one of their many retailers!  We need your help to survive.  Thank you.

Molly Mednikow
Founder and Executive Director

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