December 23, 2012

Keara's Holiday Miracle! An Adoption Tale!

Donna and Dr. Kendall Bodkin of Hayden Pet Medical Center have volunteered for CARES in the Amazon.  Since then, they have been incredible supporters and friends to CARES.  We hope they return to Peru soon!  During their trip. Donna formed a bond with a very special and distinguished shelter dog, Keara.  Lucky Keara was adopted by the Bodkin family, and a smiling Donna retrieved Keara from the airport in Spokane!  It was quite a climate change for Keara, but she seemed to adapt very quickly!

"Beautiful picture of Keara playing in the snow! Recently adopted by the Bodkin's family, Keara is living a healthy and happy life in Idaho! We are truly grateful to the Bodkin clan!"
Molly Mednikow 

In November 2012 Keara celebrated her one year anniversary as a member of the Bodkin clan!

Looks like she is in the Christmas spirit!

Keara lived at our no-kill shelter in Iquitos for several years.  It breaks my heart to think that another shelter might have euthanized this beautiful girl.

The Bodkins have been huge supporters, and we are forever grateful.  I am reaching outside of our circle of supporters to ask that you "Chip In" $5 or more to help Amazon CARES survive into 2013, and so that our shelter dogs can thrive in a loving environment where all their needs are met.


  1. What a very lucky girl! Love the photos. Thank you for all the work you do to save dogs like Keara.

  2. Thanks Mel! I hope that we can continue sharing inspiring stories like Keara's!

  3. Beautiful happy ending for Keara, thanks for helping peruvian dogs.


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