December 11, 2012

Diana's Story: We promised not to euthanize her.

August 2006, Day of Rescue

September 2006
In August of 2006 Amazon CARES rescued a very ill dog from the streets.  We named her Diana, in honor of donors Diane & Greg Paschell who sponsored her.

October, 2006 Photo by Molly Wald of Best Friends Animal Society
During October of 2006 I responded to an inquiry about Diana, and wrote:  Diana is still in treatment for an eye infection and anal gland infection. Her treatment has been lengthy. She still has a bit of distrust in her eyes, which is heartbreaking. She craves human companionship, and she does not live in the kennel area. She roams free, and she sleeps on this spot on the porch of my house. At night she keeps our security guard company on his rounds!

Recently somebody abandoned a dog and her 5 month puppy at our shelter in the middle of the night. The puppy escaped, and we hoped it would be lured back by his mother. I told my employees to secure the mother to an outer fence post with this hope. Later I went looking for the dog and questioned my employees. They told me Diana was guarding her. What?

Sure enough, they had the two dogs attached by two leashes, and Diana stood her ground in the most stalwart fashion.

January, 2008
Diana is the most loving, playful dog -- when she has her eye medication. She can not produce natural tears. We put natural lubricant in her eyes five times a day. She requires constant monitoring, therefore she will live out her best years at the Amazon Cares no-kill shelter!

December 2012
Over the years Diana's eye condition got much worse.  A Veterinary Opthamologist volunteered for Amazon CARES, and we made the decision to relieve the source of so much pain and irritation.  Diana was already blind, and the Veterinarian removed both of Diane's eyes.  Diane still accompanies our security guard on his nightly rounds, and she loves to bask in the sun, and then take refuge from the heat on the hard packed dirt underneath the Director's raised home on the shelter premises.  She has never been restricted to a kennel.

We made a lifetime promise to Diana.  We promised her a life with all her necessities are met, where she is walked several times a day and receives affection.  We promised not to euthanize her.  Please help us keep this promise.  We need your support now.


Molly Mednikow

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