August 11, 2012

Let the Chaos Begin! Volunteers Arrive for Jungle Adventure!

Alex, Molly and Erin
Today is so exciting because almost all of our volunteers have arrived.  Who's a vegetarian?  Oh, but she eats fish.  No shellfish for her and no dairy for me.  Whatever the quandary Marlene always produces delicious, healthy meals that everyone enjoys.  What do you mean we are 1 bed short?  And in 2 days we'll be 3 beds short?  Yikes.  Move my bed into the guest house and I'll sleep on a cot.  I hope the roof doesn't leak...

Earlier today I sent Dr. Sean Pampreen (USA), Dr. Megan Prendergast (Australia), Dr. Racelle LaMar (USA), Sophie Sage (France) and Mary Haight (USA) on a one/day tour to visit an animal rescue center with exotic animals and a Yagua Indian tribe village.
Later arrivals included Dutch filmakers Darifa and John.  I panicked.  They weren't on MY list!  They were on Bruno's list!  They're sleeping at the shelter.  OMG there aren't enough beds!  Luckily they are a couple and they agreed to share one big bed.  I've already recruited all the young'uns to sleep on a top bunk.

Dr. Susan Cunningham of Ireland arrived next, and I shuffled her off to Cabo Lopez in a moto-taxi with the filmmakers.  Our last arrivals of the day are Alexandra Schroth and Dr. Erin Zimowske, both of the USA.  They are patiently waiting for me to write this blog so we can all ride off to paradise in the jungle together.

The volunteers on the tour will arrive back at the clinic at 6 PM, at which time Bruno will get them moto-taxis, and then we will all dine together, and it will be very different from last night when there were just three of us!

Erin is hoping to benefit as many people as possible.  She is here to help animals and to improve the community.

Alexandra Schroth is the daughter of  friend, Donna DeClemente.    Alex says that she looks forward to experiencing a new culture and gaining more veterinary experience.  Alex fought hard for one of only two Vet Nurse spots on this trip!  We are friends from BlogPaws and on Twitter!  Follow Donna and if you're not doing so, follow Amazon CARES!

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  1. Logistics are always 'interesting', but looks like you have it all worked out and have a great group of volunteers to help out!


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