July 16, 2012

October Vet Trip to Colombian Border Promises Amazing Eco-Tourism!

The last Veterinary volunteer trip of the year will occur during two weeks between October 20 and November 4, 2012.  This is a most exciting trip, as we are traveling to a border town, Caballo Cocha, that sits across the river from Colombia.  We will be working to reduce overpopulation of domestic animals and treating animals and humans for parasites and teaching humane education classes.  Yet the nature of the location is significant.  Eco-tourism opportunities abound!  Expect to see pink and grey dolphins, beautiful exotic birds, and many other species of animals and plants!

We seek 

  • 5 Licensed Veterinarians
  • 4 Vet Nurses or Vet Techs
  • 1 Videographer Volunteer
  • 1 Writer Volunteer
Apply Soon!  If you can not attend, consider donating to our Veterinary Scholarship Fund.  Your company can also sponsor a Vet Trip overall for as little as $500!  Learn more about the benefits we provided to iLoveDog's, Inc. here.

If you are interested in a 2013 trip, consider becoming a Trip Leader and plan a trip that suits your schedule!  As a Trip Leader you will help us recruit professionals to volunteer in exchange for 50% off the trip fee!

The October trip will cost $850, and is all inclusive of meals, lodging with some exceptions.  See our website for more details.  Feel free to post questions in our FAQ section as well!

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  1. We have changed the dates of this Veterinary Trip so that North American volunteers can take advantage of great airfares now available on Copa Airlines (www.copaair.com). The new dates are Fri. October 26 - Sat. November 10, 2012


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