July 26, 2012

Milestone: Lawyers Join Fight Against Animal Cruelty

This article appeared in the Region daily newspaper on July 20, 2012.  The original story in Spanish is here.  (Imperfect translation from Spanish by Molly Mednikow)

Bruno Antoine commented "This agreement marks an important step for animal lovers and particularly by the NGO CARES, which has always sought the implementation and enforcement of laws regarding the protection of domestic and wild animals."

Amazon Cares & Bar Association Join Forces For Animal Welfare

The not-for-profit Amazon CARES Peru, headed by Frenchman Bruno Antoine is devoted to the care and protection of domestic animals and wild animals.  

They have formed a strategic alliance with the Bar Association of Loreto, now under the leadership of Dr. Walter Alva Cambero.  This alliance is for the sole purpose of defending and protecting animal rights.  Animal abuse includes a range of behaviors in people who intentionally cause unnecessary pain, suffering or distress to animals, including the murder of animals.

Statistics show that every year, an increased  number of animals will be victims of abuse directly or indirectly.  This could be neglect of basic care or the failure to provide shelter, food, adequate veterinary care, etc....

Taking all these facts into account is the reason these two prestigious institutions are joining forces to stop the abuse of animals, who are victims without a voice.

The Bar Association of Loreto and the NGO AMAZON CARES have developed a statement to make their position clear on these facts, seeking to raise awareness that animal abuse is a crime and therefore is punishable by law.

Therefore, the Bar Association, through its professionals in the Law, express anger about the mistreatment of domestic and wild animals.

If you know of any animal abuse case, report it to the offices of Amazon CARES, Pevas Street No. 184 or by calling 23 21 -30. 

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