May 2, 2012

Post-Flood, New Kennels Take Shape

Many thanks to the generous donors that are supporting Amazon CARES recovery efforts following heavy rains and flooding that destroyed our animal shelter.  Read more about this...

As one can see in the photographs, we have built a new shelter on higher ground.  Kennels are on the left.  There is only enough room to house 10 dogs properly.  The most expensive component of the kennels are the iron doors.  We do not have a front entry gate, nor have we been able to complete 10 more kennels on the right side of the shelter.

This is a much smaller shelter, but we will be able to use it for some dogs.  When the flood waters recede, we hope some of our old shelter can be salvaged.  Formerly, we were able to house up to 50 dogs.

It is very hard to get grants for shelter construction.  The World Society for the Protection of Animals is against the sheltering of animals.  They believe that spay/neuter and education programs are effective solutions.  However, in the case of Amazon CARES, which has a strict no-kill policy, how else can we care for abandoned dogs with nowhere to go?  Many dogs suffer from treatable mange and are beautiful and adoptable after a few months of treatment.  Should we condemn them to the streets where they will not receive treatment and suffer a slow, painful death?

Thus, we are determined to continue aggressive spay/neuter campaigns, humane education campaigns, AND the presence of a no-kill animal sanctuary.

Please help us by telling others and, if you can, please post our Chip In widget. on your blog or website.  Thank you for your support.

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