May 7, 2012

June Vet Trip to the Amazon includes Visits to Canada and Ireland?

Despite recent setbacks due to flooding, we are thrilled to announce that our June Veterinary Volunteer trip is on!  We pushed the dates back a bit.  The cost of the trip is a very reasonable $650.  For more information, see our Trips page at

See this video to get an idea of A Day at a Mobile Veterinary Clinic!

This trip features a week working in Iquitos and surrounding areas, and a week staying in a jungle lodge, working in small villages, including the villages of Canadá y Irlanda, which are too small to find on a map (we tried)!  People have shown much interest in this trip, so if you are interested you should apply soon!

See Itinerary Below(Subject to Change)

Sunday, 6/17/2012
Travel Day.  Arrive Iquitos no later than 15:30

Monday, 6/18/2012
Orientation / Work with shelter dogs

Tuesday, 6/19/2012
Work Day In or near Iquitos

Wednesday, 6/20/2012
Work Day In or near Iquitos

Thursday, 6/21/2012  
Work Day In or near Iquitos

Friday, 6/22/2012
Work Day In or near Iquitos

Saturday, 6/23/2012  
Free Day Sightseeing, lunch, transportation not included in trip fee.

Sunday, 6/24/2012
AM departure for Mapa Te Lodge.  Afternoon sightseeing.

Monday, 6/25/2012
Free Day Sightseeing at Jungle Lodge (included)

Tuesday, 6/26/2012
Work Day Francisco de Orellana (small village).  Afternoon sightseeing.

Wednesday, 6/27/2012
Work Day Francisco de Orellana. Afternoon sightseeing.

Thursday, 6/28/2012  
Work Day Work in Canadá (small village). Afternoon sightseeing.

Friday, 6/29/2012
Work Day Work in Irlanda (small village). Afternoon sightseeing.

Saturday, 6/30/2012  
Travel Day. Depart for Iquitos

Sunday, 7/1/2012
Travel Day. Departures

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