May 25, 2012

In Memory of Kitty "Jaguar"

Written by Lisa W.

I would like to honor the life of a little kitten, who did not make it and will stay forever in my heart.
I met this kitten while I was in Iquitos in the Amazon CARES clinic. Someone rescued a whole litter of kittens.  One of them was a deformed, funny looking little one who I immediately named ''Jaguar''.

This special kitten and I had an instant connection.  My compassion for Jaguar reached a very high level due to my awareness that the adoption of a health-challenged kitten was unlikely, especially in the Peruvian community.

Jaguar had several health problems. His deformed legs were the least of his issues. He had a heart condition making it difficult for him to catch his breath.  At the time there was hope that he could outgrow grow his condition. I spent three weeks in Iquitos and this little baby kitten was firmly entrenched in my heart.  I decided that I would adopt Jaguar and bring him with me to his new home in the United States as soon as he overcame his heart condition.

The time came to say goodbye to my new friends at Amazon CARES.  I had to return home, and, sadly I had to leave behind my little Jaguar, I had to go back home.  He was too small to travel such a long distance and his heart condition further complicated travel for the little guy.   It felt better knowing he could not be in better hands. I left him with a wonderful team of care givers.   Dr. Luis and Bruno, Director of Amazon CARES Peru, and others were there to care for  my precious kitten.  I really could not have asked for better place to leave him.

Jaguar sits atop Bruno's messy desk in Iquitos!
When I returned home I remained in contact with the Amazon CARES organization, checking on my growing kitty, Jaguar. Last month I received an e-mail from Bruno with an update on his health, including pictures of how big my little guy had grown. I was happy to see him doing well.  Sadly, his heart condition was not improving.

Last night I received a phone call from Molly Mednikow the Founder of Amazon CARES.  She shared the very sad news that my little Jaguar had passed away the night before. I do not have to tell anyone how I feel because there are no words to describe that. I believe his little heart gave up and he is in a better place now. We could not be together, but I gave him love and that was what he needed. The Universe obviously had other plans for him.

By sharing this story I want to bring awareness to the rest of the world that there is no other organization in this region like Amazon CARES. Today this organization is struggling to survive due to the worst flooding since the 1970's. I can't imagine what things would be like if they did not exist in this region. Where would these abandoned litters end up?  What kind of chances would those little kittens have? Not to mention that this is an only place that provides low-cost and free veterinary care in an underserved population.  They travel to many villages where there is no veterinary care at all.  

Although little Jaguar is no longer among us he carries a message that animals in the Peruvian Amazon Basin's only hope is the Amazon CARES Organization.  It is up to us, all the people who care.   All the people who care enough to donate and give Amazon CARES support so they can continue to exist and help the sick and injured domestic animals of the region.

In honor of his little life.  Rest in Peace Jaguar.   I make my donation today so Amazon CARES can continue to rescue and care for those in great need. So they can continue to rescue more little ''Jaguars".

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  1. How sad for you to lose such a precious little bundle. He was loved while he lived, which is all he could have asked for. It must be so hard for you though to say goodbye. Be brave!


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