April 13, 2012

Our Shelter: Then and Now

I was thrilled to appear on Pets Teach us So Much Radio with Everett and Everett last evening.  It is the first time I have really discussed the flooding at our no-kill shelter in depth.  Of course, Robbin and Joe were great interviewers and listeners.  You can replay the podcast here.  My appearance on the show is in the last 20 minutes.

Today I find myself very sad, and I am finding it hard to focus.  Yet I must continue to spread the word about this disaster.  The shelter seen in the top picture was a dream come true for Amazon CARES.  It took years to finally complete, using rustic materials, readily available and affordable.

Despite the pain I feel, the Peru team of professionals and well trained volunteers continue to fight every day.  In addition to seeking temporary or permanent homes for the 50 dogs in our care, educational talks continue in the schools.

In more exciting news, today we are prosecuting an animal abuser for poisoning his neighbor's 1 month old puppy.  This will be an exciting test to see if we can finally get the legal system to enforce animal cruelty laws.


In addition to money raised on ChipIn, we also are receiving other donations.  Please post our ChipIn widget or tell people about our time of need.  Amazon CARES will continue, despite the odds.


Molly Mednikow
Executive Director
Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety


  1. It makes me so sad to see the picture of your shelter now - I hope you're able to raise enough money to fix everything.

  2. Thank you very much Vicki, and thank you for your contribution!


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