April 10, 2012

Flooding Continues to Inflict Hardship on Animals

Published on April 4, 2012 by La Region Newspaper

Shelter dogs also affected by the increasing flood waters

Nurse Harri performs treatments on the stressed
shelter animals outside the Maloca.  He is standing in water.
 As flooding continues in Cabo Lopez, the situation is becoming more precarious. The water has swept away nearly everything in its path, including agricultural farms and poultry farms.  This is adversely affecting the economy of the families in this sector.
"Unfortunately, we are in a critical situation.  The water is threatening the entire community.   Families that live here are leaving their homes and possessions, some of which have almost completely disappeared under the waters of the river Itaya," explains Bruno Antoine, Peru Director of Amazon CARES.

Amazon CARES maintains a no-kill animal shelter in this sector. The animals are also suffering.  "Every day, as the water rises, the situation grows more threatening.  For the past week, 50 dogs have been evacuated from their kennels and placed underneath and inside the "Maloca," our general treatment building, creating an unhealthy and overcrowded environment.  The dogs, small and large, sick and healthy are crammed together in this crowded space." says Bruno Antoine.

The situation is stressful for the animals and employees of CARES
 "Conditions will worsen for a period of time, and for that reason we are promoting adoption, even fostering, which will help alleviate the situation greatly.  Additionally, the County of Belen has donated wood to help us construct a small supplementary kennel at the edge of our property."  That will help.

Editorial note by translator Molly Mednikow:  Since the publication of this article water has actually reached the volunteer housing and has flooded underneath the Maloca, forcing us to place ALL dogs in one cramped space.

We are very grateful for the continued moral and financial support.  We will need continued support to rebuild.  Please share this information.

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