April 26, 2012

CARES in Jeopardy due to Record High Floods

Iquitos is suffering the ravages of the highest river water levels in the past 25 years.

Amazon CARES has mobilized volunteers in Iquitos, Peru.  As the water crept closer toward our no-kill shelter, we began to heavily promote adoptions.

Crowded Conditions for Animals

Every single shelter animal was saved!  In the absence of dry land, 50+ animals were forced to live together in a crowded building.  Luckily, adoption figures for April have reached a record high of 18, alleviating some of the crowded conditions.

It is very heartbreaking to watch the total loss of our beautiful animal sanctuary, which we have added on to and fortified over many years.

Thanks to generous Donors, a grant from the Fondation 30 millions d'Amisand wood donated by the municipality of Belen, we have begun the process of building a new structure as quickly as possible.   The new, smaller kennels are being built at the highest point of our property.  

For comprehensive coverage of the damage inflicted upon Amazon CARES and our facilities, please read our Spring newsletter.  While there, be sure to subscribe!

The Peruvian Jungle, which makes up almost 60 per cent of the country, is the rainforest region in the north and eastern part of Peru, and in which 2 big rivers, the Maranon and the Ucayali, flow together to form the Amazon River.  Iquitos, the capital of Loreto, is located on the Amazon River, but is unreachable by road.

Loreto, one of Peru's 25 regions, covers most of the north eastern portion of Peru.  Loreto has wide river flood plains, which are covered with rainwater and usually are swamped.  Most of the rain occurs between January and June; monthly rainfall is greatest in March.

For more information about the Loreto region:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loreto_Region

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