December 9, 2011

A Peruvian Vet's Experience with CARES

Written by Claudia Ríos

I was a Peruvian volunteer during the Amazon CARES spay/neuter campaign in August 2011. Despite being Peruvian, my trip to Iquitos was an eye-opener to the reality of conditions that most animals endure. 

I was able to visit some communities that have much difficulty in obtaining veterinary care and where help from the government is a rarity. 

As most of dogs roam free, it was a real challenge to catch them and give the appropriate treatment;   however, the owners were very thankful and at the end of the day, all of the hard work was worthwhile. We gave anti-parasite medications to humans in these communities as well as in some districts of the city. 

Another part of the activities included helping out at the Cabo Lopez shelter, where many animals rescued from the streets receive medical treatment and have a home until someone adopts them. I was there two weeks, but the time passed quickly as I worked in a really great environment with Amazon CARES and volunteers from other countries.

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  1. People like this make the work a better place.
    Thanks for sharing this great story.


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