October 6, 2011

Bruno´s Blog: World Animal Day Iquitos

The following article originally appeared in La Region, daily newspaper of Iquitos, Peru.   

Bruno Antoine, Director of Amazon CARES Peru
With the participation of voluntary youth groups, organizations, schools and other institutions, the NGO Cares, has been promoting the walk, "I am part of your world, don´t be indifferent" to be held this Saturday 01 October in a prelude to World Animal Day and the Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, defender of animals.


Amazon CARES has organized this walk for the past three years, to emphasize the importance of our ecological heritage such as jungle animals and pets, thus promoting awareness and time to reflect and to know the place and importance of animals in our lives.
All people are invited to participate in the walk this Saturday at 3:30 pm in the Plaza 28 de Julio, "We will have the blessing of the Father Raymundo, as people leave with their pets, especially dogs, which must have a leash, plastic bag to collect animal waste, but no cats or birds, which can go astray."  The St. Augustine and the UNAP Bands will perform. 

Epilogue:  Over 300 turned out for the parade!

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