August 2, 2011

Iquitos & The Tahuayo Lodge - Photo Blog

Day Two - Iquitos & The Tahuayo Lodge by Shannon Sullivan.

Sunday morning we arrived in Iquitos and headed to the Amazon CARES clinic.

Local street dog waiting for someone to let her in the clinic.

While we were waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, we were given a walking tour of the Boulevard and the Belen Market by a man who owned a jungle tour company just a few doors down from the clinic.

The Boulevard

A little jet-lagged, but happy to be in Peru!

A tributary of the Amazon River.

Within minutes it was easy to see why we were help the numerous street dogs.


The Belen Market was a bustling place with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken, and so much more.

A smart street dog hanging around the market.

Our impromptu tour guide out in front.


After heading back to the clinic, we were off with all of our supplies by MotoKar to our jungle lodge's city office.

The first of many awkward transports of the dog kennels.

While we waited at their office to head to the jungle, we enjoyed a quiet lunch overlooking the
Amazon River.

We had our first animal encounter during lunch.

Eventually we headed the 90 river miles to the jungle lodge we would call home for the next four nights.

Where the brown and blue water meet.

Our jungle home...

...the Tahuayo Lodge.

The view from the lodge.

The hammock room. Unfortunately, we were too busy to spend much time in there.
In the center are the solar panels that provided the lodge with electricity for a few hours each night.

After arriving at the lodge, we hopped back in a boat and cruised the river.

Spot the sloth?

After dinner we headed out for one more river cruise, this time in the dark. We spotted a number of birds,a frog, and at one point a fish jumped into our boat.

Back at the lodge, a new guest had checked in.

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