June 19, 2011

Three Rescue Dogs Get a Second Chance

In the last week three especially alarming cases have presented themselves.  We have rescued three different dogs all suffering from extreme cases of neglect due to abandonment, or in one case, an owner that just watched his "pet" grow sicker without doing anything about it.

First Rescue

The first rescue is a dog that we collected from the street.  His eyes are so very sad.  We brought him to the clinic, yet he seems as if he is waiting for the relief of death.  In addition to the very common ailments of mange, fleas, and ticks, this dog has a respiratory infection which could indicate heart issues.
Sonia recovering
The second rescue is a female puppy, that we found on the street extremely ill.  We carried her to the clinic where she was diagnosed with a severe case of mange, internal and external parasites.   Two amazing women sponsored her.  Candy Benedicto and Sonia Richardson donated funds for her care and we named the puppy Sonia (We have previously named a dog in honor of Candy).  Luckily, she is recovering.  She can stand on all fours now and walk.  We have given her a pretty dress to wear to protect her from being cold, since she has no hair.

The third rescue is a prime example as to why animals should not be given as gifts.  A lady gave this poor male puppy to her son, and he completely neglected the dog, even as the puppy's health deteriorated to a shocking degree.  After being tipped off, Amazon CARES staffers went to the person[s home to intervene.  My only wish is that the government took these issues seriously enough to take criminal actin against these perpetrators of neglect.  WARNING:  Pictures below are disturbing....

Unnamed Rescue

Unnamed Rescue

We need your support.  We depend on caring individuals for donations and our programs are at risk due to budget issues.  Please help us continuing rescuing animals.  Help us continue our educational work to prevent this form of cruelty in future generations.  Donate today.

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  1. These stories are all so sad. Dogs should be surrendered before being neglected.


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