May 31, 2011

Quita the Pup Finds New Home in the USA!

Back at the office clinic in Iquitos after she decided she wanted to keep us.
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Meet “Quita” (Kee-ta) from Iquitos, Peru. She has a heartwarming story. Since birth, we can only assume, Quita survived on street rations, garbage and puddle water as she roamed the streets in her daily search for food, water and shade.
She was found by the Amazon CARES volunteers that I am currently working with while here in Peru.

Street dogs awaiting to be prepped for surgery
As the captured street dogs waited in cages, courageously showing us their personalities, one-by-one we took them out and prepped them for surgery. The pup we later named Quita, was sweet and gentle. The instant I held her, she nuzzled close. I put her on the rickety  table and gently began administering pre-meds, shaving for her spay, and making sure she was properly prepared. She never made a sound.
Surgery, by Dr. Patrick McHaney, went without a hitch and we waited for her and the others to wake before releasing them back on the streets where they were found.
After the dogs were awake and ready to go, we released them in their specific areas. Most pups went about their way without a look back. Quita, however, had a different plan. She meandered a bit, then stood still for a few seconds. I walked up to her and she instantly came over to me and cuddled up. I tried to encourage her to leave, but she sought shade and relaxation under our truck and wouldn’t budge. Well, that was that. She told us she was going to stay and we listened. We put her in the truck and brought her with us to the office. We then named her Quita. Now she is affectionately loved by the entire group.
Quita on the table being prepped for surgery
She is doing wonderfully now and has been transported to the shelter in Cabo Lopez where our lodge is. Plans are underway for her jaunt to the USA as Jack is arranging flights and the vet staff is issuing her international travel certificate.
Bringing Quita to the States, though fairly simple, is still expensive. We want to give her a better life with a family who will love her, train her and care for her.
If you would like to contribute to Quita, please email or call 865.329.7887. You can also donate using our SSL secured form. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.
Quita is an example of 1 life we saved here. We’re saving and treating dogs and cats every day. If you would like to donate to the charity itself, please visit:Amazon CARES (

Epilogue:  by Molly Mednikow:  I brought Quita home and Nikka and family came to pick her up in less than a week.  Quita seemed to adjust to US living quite well, and I know the Harveys are taking GREAT care of her!

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