April 29, 2011

Peru´s Press on the Vets Abroad Campaign

This article appeared in the April 29 online and print edition of La Region newspaper.  The online version can be found at http://diariolaregion.com/web/2011/04/29/culmino-campana-de-salud-ambiental-cierre-fue-en-el-rio-napo/.  Translation by Molly Mednikow to the best of my ability.

Environmental Health Campaign Ends,
Concludes on the Napo River

The month of April was very intense and full of expectations for members of the non-profit organization CARES (Community Animal Rescue Education and Health). On the 8th of this month they signed an inter-institutional agreement with the district municipality of Punchana, thus giving a formal framework for the actions of Amazon CARES within the jurisdiction of Punchana.

The first step has been the involvement of the Amazon CARES activity "the City and the Village Doctor" in which they gave out anti-parasite tablets for human consumption and provided free veterinary service to pets. Taking advantage of their presence in Nuevo Versalles, Amazon CARES publicized the start date of the campaign and requested that all members of this disadvantaged area cooperate in an urban wildlife census.

The environmental health campaign in Nuevo Versalles officially started on April 11. Amazon CARES professionals were supported by by six veterinarians and technicians from the U.S. and England that came just for this occasion.

Bruno Antoine, the director of the renowned institution dedicated to protecting animals, said that "within hours, we had registered more than 200 animals in the main street of Nuevo Versalles. Analyzing the records, we found that only 16 animals had been vaccinated in the past. Despite earlier campaigns by CARES and DIRESA concerning rabies, only one pet had a vaccination card. What is worrying is a lack of culture related to the care of the pet population in these outlying areas. Obtaining a proper census of animals at the level of the province is a first step towards the ambitious goal to achieve a healthy city while punishing inappropriate behaviors. "

"On the night of April 12 and subsequent days, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Punchana, we organized an unprecedented “stray dog capture" in the areas of Masusa, Bellavista-Nanay and the Mercado Clavero. They animals were sterilized and treatied. After this first stage in the periphery of our city, the team traveled to the Rio Napo Region to continue providing medical care and education about the relationship between animals and humans in the communities of Tamanco, San Pedro, Urco Mirano and in the town of Mazan, "says Antoine.

In total the team sterilized more than 100 animals, vaccinated and dewormed 270+ animals, while 1,576 people received a tablet of albendazole to cure and prevent parasites. Hundreds of children received an educational talk about responsible pet ownership and the necessity to preserve our environment.

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