April 2, 2011

i Love Dogs, Inc. Sponsors Amazon CARES’ “Vets Abroad”

We are delighted to announce that i Love Dogs, Inc. will be sponsoring the vets on our April spay and neuter trip in Peru, contributing more than $1,000, making the company a Platinum Sponsor of Amazon CARES.

“Amazon CARES is dependent on donations from individuals and companies. These funds go very far in an underdeveloped nation like Peru. I am jumping for joy at the generosity of i Love Dogs, Inc.,” gushes Molly Mednikow, CARES’ Founder and Director.  

This partnership has resulted in a new level of sponsorship for Amazon CARES. i Love Dogs, Inc. is the first individual trip sponsor for a Vets Abroad adventure. “Their banners will be flying from our clinic, our boat, and the jungle towns we serve during our April 10-24, 2011 trip,” says Mednikow.

Martha Smith of i Love Dogs, Inc.
Martha Smith, General Manager of i Love Dogs, Inc., is equally enthusiastic: “We truly believe in Amazon CARES’ mission to help needy companion animals desperate for medical care, especially since promoting the health and happiness of dogs is our company’s primary purpose.  As such, we are thrilled to be able to help defray the cost of equipment, supplies and other essential items for the Amazon CARES trip to Peru through our sponsorship.”

CARES is not the only charitable concern that has benefited from the philanthropy of i Love Dogs, Inc.  Operation Baghdad Pups, an SPCA International initiative aiding soldiers overseas to bring home dogs they've adopted while serving, Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, a Los Angeles no-kill animal shelter and welfare charity, and Pets Without Parents, an Ohio no-kill animal shelter, are but a few of the dozens of non-profit organizations i Love Dogs, Inc. has aided.

In addition to the sponsor partnership, CARES and i Love Dogs, Inc. are joining forces to bring meaningful, timely and exciting social media content to their many subscribers.   Smith states, “We are looking forward to helping Amazon CARES volunteer veterinarians spread the word about their mission to Peru via contemporaneous postings on social media.” People are encouraged to follow the adventures of Amazon CARES and their veterinary volunteers through updates provided by both organizations.

Exclusive content about the trip will be provided on the i Love Dogs, Inc. website (http://www.ilovedogs.com/), Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/iLoveDogsInc) and Twitter accounts (@iLoveDogsInc, @FindAVet and @troyjunior). Frequent updates will also appear on the CARES blog at http://www.amazoncares.blogspot.com/ and on its popular Twitter account (@AmazonCares).

Thank you, i Love Dogs, Inc.!

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  1. Your doing a brilliant job. Helping Dogs everywhere.


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