April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday & Thanks to Volunteer Nikka Harvey!

Photo by M. Boutchine

It is hard to believe that the April 2011 Vets Abroad team departed five days ago.  As we prepare for the June trip, I want to pay homage to the April volunteers.  

Since today is Nikka Harvey's Birthday, I thought today would be an appropriate day to honor her.  You may also be interested in my first blog post about Nikka and her husband Jack.

Nikka works with CARES Nurse Behtjane.
 Photo by M. Boutchine

Nikka loves Twitter, just like Amazon CARES' does.  So follow her at @itsnikka.  Now that Nikka has returned to the USA, land of fast Internet, hot showers, indoor plumbing and other luxuries, I'm learning more about her experiences through her tweets.  I was not around for some of Nikka's great experiences as she spent a few nights enjoying Iquitos while I begged off and stayed in the jungle, but here are some that I know of...

Quita.  Photo by M. Boutchine
Things I learned:
  • Patrick Mahaney threw a tarantula skin on her and she screamed, but kept on her game face.
  • Despite being riddled with insect bites, she never complained loud enough for me to hear about it!  Thank You Nikka!
  • She made sure an abandoned kitten would have a forever home by bringing it to the Amazon CARES office.  See the heartwarming video on Facebook.
  • She bonded with a homeless dog and she is adopting "Quita," pronounced "Keeta" and bringing her to a wonderful new life in the United States.  Read about Quita in Nikka's own words.
  • She is a beautiful person, inside and out.
Thank you Nikka!

Thank you to the sponsors and partners in this journey.  Our June trip is now full, and we are seeking sponsors for this trip as well.  Please contact molly (a) amazoncares.org for more information

Foundation Sponsor for Spay/Neuter Activities

First Trip Sponsor - Platinum Level, April Vets Abroad Trip


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